Scrum Events - Overview of the 5 Scrum Ceremonies

Scrum Events Scru - Overview of the 5 Scrum Ceremoniesm Framework - Scrum Events

Scrum events are key elements of the Scrum framework, providing regular opportunities for enacting the Scrum pillars of Inspection, Adaptation, and Transparency.

These events are time-boxed and help the Scrum Team collaborate, inspect and adapt their work.

The five main Scrum events are:

Sprint Planning

Sprint planning event occurs at the beginning of each sprint.

The Scrum Team collaborates to define the Sprint Goal and selects the Product Backlog items they will work on during the sprint.

The outcome is a plan on how the selected work will be accomplished.

Daily Scrum

Daily Scrum is also known as the daily stand-up, this event is a short, time-boxed meeting where the Development Team synchronizes their work.

Each team member answers three questions:

  1. What did I do yesterday?
  2. What will I do today?
  3. Are there any impediments?

Check this article if you are looking to get tips for making the most of your Daily Scrum Meeting.

Sprint Review

At the end of each sprint, the Scrum Team and stakeholders come together to inspect the increment and adapt the Product Backlog if needed. This meeting is your Sprint Review

The focus is on demonstrating the work completed and gathering feedback.

Sprint Retrospective

Sprint Retrospective is held after the Sprint Review and before the next Sprint Planning. The Scrum Team reflects on their way of working during the sprint and identifies areas for improvement.


The sprint itself is a time-boxed period (usually 2-4 weeks) during which the Scrum Team works to achieve the Sprint Goal.

They create a potentially releasable Increment of the product during this time.

The Scrum Events are time-boxed events that create regularity and minimize the need for meetings not defined in Scrum. As you navigate through this section, you'll gain insights into the mechanics of each event and their importance in maintaining the rhythm and flow of Scrum.

Join us in this journey, as we uncover the core Scrum Events, enabling teams to work seamlessly, innovate continuously, and deliver value incrementally.