Sample Questions and Practice Exams

PSM-1™ Exam Preparation: Sample Questions and Practice Exams

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Sample Questions and Practice Exams

This guide will provide you with a list of resources to help you prepare for the PSM-1™ (Professional Scrum Master™) exam. We will focus on sample questions and online practice exams to test your knowledge and help you gain confidence before the actual exam.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Sample Questions
  3. Online Practice Exams
  4. Additional Resources


The PSM-1™ exam is designed to validate your understanding of Scrum fundamentals, roles, events, and artifacts. To be well-prepared, it's essential to review sample questions and take practice exams online. These resources will help you identify any areas that need improvement and ensure you are fully prepared for the exam.

Sample Questions

Here is a list of websites offering free sample questions to help you understand the PSM-1™ exam format and the types of questions you may encounter:

  1. - Open Assessments (opens in a new tab)
  2. Mikhail Lapshin's Scrum Quizzes (opens in a new tab)
  3. ProProfs Quiz - PSM I™ (opens in a new tab)

Online Practice Exams

Taking full-length practice exams is an excellent way to simulate the actual exam experience. Here are some online practice exams to help you prepare:

  1. - PSM I™ Simulated Exams (opens in a new tab)
  2. - PSM I™ Practice Exams (opens in a new tab)
  3. Whizlabs - PSM I™ Practice Tests (opens in a new tab)

Note: Some of these practice exams may require a fee or registration.

Additional Resources

In addition to sample questions and practice exams, consider reviewing these additional resources to ensure you are well-prepared:

  1. The Scrum Guide (opens in a new tab) - The official guide to Scrum, providing a comprehensive overview of the framework.
  2. Resources (opens in a new tab) - A wealth of articles, webinars, and videos to deepen your understanding of Scrum.
  3. Scrum: A Pocket Guide (opens in a new tab) - A concise, easy-to-read guide to Scrum that covers the basics and offers practical tips.

Good luck with your PSM-1™ exam preparation!